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Offseason Bike Training

With winter here, it’s time to fine-tune your cycling! Don’t think of this as the dreaded months of indoor cycling, instead, recognize all the benefits your bike trainer can provide!! The open road is great and certainly breaks up the monotony after a long winter, but using a bike trainer (even in the summer) allows you to incorporate intervals, drills for improving form, and is essentially more effective for specific training as opposed to cycling outside. Indoor riding provides you with a controlled environment, allowing you to complete target workouts efficiently. We have provided you with a few workouts to get started. If you have any questions, please email us at info@centerforphysicalhealth.org.

Workout #1

Total workout time: 60 minutes

Warm up: 15 minutes, easy spinning
Main Set (Repeat twice):
15 minutes moderate intensity 5 minutes easy, recovery spin
Cool down: 5 minutes easy spinning
*Try to keep cadence at 90 rpm for the duration of the workout

Workout #2

Total workout time: 50 minutes

Warm up: 15 minutes, cadence at 90
Drill: Single leg drill, focus on a smooth pedal stroke – 30 seconds x3 on each leg
Main Set:
3 minutes in a high gear (big chain ring) in which you can keep a 70 cadence
3 minutes, shift to one gear easier, increase cadence
3 minutes, shift to one gear easier, increase cadence
3 minutes, shift to a gear you can hold 90 cadence
Repeat main set from beginning one more time
Cool down: 8 minutes recovery spin, cadence at 90

Workout #3

Total workout time: ~50-65 minutes

Warm up: 20 minutes:
First 10 minutes, easy spin just to get your legs ready
Second 10 minutes, start to build to a gear where you can only hold 70 rpm
Main Set (Repeat 3-5 times)
2 minutes in the biggest gear you can hold 60 rpm, hard effort
1 minute recovery, 90 rpm
2 minutes hard effort, 60 rpm
1 minute recovery, 90 rpm
1 minute hard effort, 60 rpm
30 seconds recovery, 90 rpm
Repeat main set from beginning
Cool down: 5 minutes, easy spinning
*This workout is designed to build strength, go for a difficult gear that will stimulate a hill!

Workout #4

Total workout time: 45-65 minutes

Warm up: 15 minutes, starting at a low gear, high cadence and progressing to a high gear, low cadence
Main Set (Repeat 1-2x): Ladder set; Choose a gear that allows you to keep a 90-100 cadence
1 minutes hard, 1 minute easy
2 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy
3 minutes hard, 3 minutes easy
4 minutes hard, 4 minutes easy
Cool down: 10 minutes

Workout #5

Total workout time: ~85 minutes

Warm up: 25 minutes, 90 rpm
Starting at a moderate intensity, move into a pyramid of varied efforts
30 seconds moderate, 30 seconds recovery
60 seconds hard, 60 seconds recovery
60 seconds moderate, 60 seconds recovery
30 seconds hard, 30 seconds recovery
Main Set:
4 minutes at a hard-moderate effort with 6 minutes recovery, 90 rpm for entire set
Repeat this 5 times
Cool down: easy 5 minutes

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