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Build Recovery Into Your Workouts

This month at The Center for Physical Health, we will be discussing injury prevention. It’s all too often the “weekend warrior” gears up for an event, resulting in an injury. Overtraining is a common phenomenon, as well. This month we will educate you on injury prevention, signs and symptoms of overtraining, and how to incorporate rest into your training regimen!

Balance is an essential part to life. This is true in your training plan or workout regimen. For every hard workout, an easy one should follow. When feeling invincible, you’re only one mistake away from going in the opposite direction. Failing to maintain a healthy balance, especially by jeopardizing recovery, will almost always result in breakdown. This breakdown can include a loss of fitness and desire towards your goals.

The strong correlation has been seen time and time again between one’s ability to recover and the rate of one’s fitness progression. We know that it’s important to overload our body with the stress of intense exercise. How else would we improve, right? Well, besides this overload, focusing on recovery is the most powerful thing you can do in training to perform at a higher level. You should plan to incorporate yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily recovery into your regimen.

Let’s start by discussing yearly recovery.

Multiple times throughout the year, you should let your body recover.
This holds true whether you’re a weightlifter, endurance athlete, or recreational athlete.
Give your body and mind some time to rejuvenate before you begin another block of training, or workouts.
This period can last from 3-5 days or up to 4 weeks, depending upon your next goal!

Next, monthly recovery:

Every third or fourth week, monthly recovery can be built into your training plan.
This phase may last 3-7 days depending upon what you did in your previous training weeks/workout regimen.
Other factors that may determine how long this period should last are: current level of fitness, goals, enthusiasm for workouts, and quality of training
Without acknowledging how fatigue plays a role in your routine, you may become a zombie doing workouts with no enthusiasm and little quality

Weekly recovery:

Remember, it is not possible OR safe to train hard every day with no recovery breaks.
Easy days are necessary for fitness and form.
Some athletes need a day completely off from exercise each week, while some athletes can exercise at 7 days/week
Those who exercise at large volumes (ie: 7 days/week) still need easy days throughout the week

Daily recovery:

For those of you who exercise 2x/day, there will be times when both workouts are challenging, both are easy, or one is light and the other is hard
Paying close attention to the intensity, frequency, and duration of your daily workouts can help you determine when a recovery workout is appropriate.
It is of most importance to listen closely to your body. It will let you know exactly what it needs!

How much recovery someone needs in their fitness regimen is an individual matter. Some are able to recover quickly, while others may need to be more careful with how frequently they insert rest into their yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily programs. Remember, recovery is essential for anyone who is physically active!

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