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The Importance of Finding Your Tribe

The importance of finding your tribeMarybeth and Caitlins tribe is about connecting female endurance athletes with a group that can train together, inspire one another, and push each other to achieve their goals. No matter your age, race, stage in life, or occupation, if your passion is racing, competing in Ironman races, or completing triathlons, then you need to become a part of this tribe. This tribe is a tribe for all things endurance athletes.

Are you reaching that point in your life where you just want to reach that next level of something and don’t know what that next level could be? No matter your place in life, or who you are if you want to become a part of something that will empower you to reach results through endurance racing, then this is your place. You belong here with Marybeth and Caitlin.

But you get one additional bonus.

By becoming part of their tribe, you receive access to some of the best endurance athlete resources available in Northeast Ohio. You ensure your success because of the background that Marybeth and Caitlin bring to the table. Their profession is physical therapy, but their passion is training endurance athletes because they are endurance athletes. Their high-level experience helping prevent and treat all ranges of aches, twinges, pulls, tears, breaks and tweaks, is what you need in your arsenal for that next big race.

People can grow together with people with which they feel a bond. Wouldn’t you want to bond with people that understand how you feel because they run the same races you do?

Marybeth and Caitlin want you to be a part of their tribe.

Why wouldn’t you wish to be a part of a group of motivated women who know this business and support people... who train people, and yet share in the same passions as you… their tribe is more than racing. Their tribe is about uniting people, women – to believe in more and then providing the medical resources necessary to reach those goals.

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Let us help you treat the problem, not the symptoms with pain management and rehabilitation services.

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Endurance athletes are trained to go the distance, and we're here to help you get there!

Accident Recovery Therapy

Our staff will create a rehab program to ensure that your treatment fits the type of injury you have sustained.

Workers Comp Recovery

We offer vital physical therapy rehabilitation process with a friendly atmosphere and measurable improvements of workers who are injured.

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We are committed to your long-term health and well-being. Explore our clinic on the following pages, and discover all the benefits you'll enjoy as one of our treasured clients. We will soothe all your aches and pains while restoring function to your life. Just don't think of our services as a therapeutic remedy. Our Wellness programs and classes do have preventative advantages, as well. Enhance your health and improve your performance with our holistic treatments. In addition to physical therapy, rehabilitation, and massage, we also offer functional capacity evaluations and disability screenings.

We look forward to getting to know you personally!

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4137 Boardman-Canfield Rd., Suite 104
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