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5 Most Common Injuries of endurance athletes and how you should treat them

Common running injures and what to do about them

1. Patellofemoral pain syndrome - AKA Runner’s Knee

Irritation of cartilage on the underside of a person's kneecap. In most cases, it will flare up during and after long runs
Treatment- Ice after a run, and use a resistance band to strengthen your hip and glute muscles with lateral side steps. It is imperative that this strengthening exercise is performed correctly. You may need to use athletic tape for your knee if you feel pain.

2. Achilles Tendonitis

When the tendon that connects the two major calf muscles to the back of the heel becomes irritated under too much stress.
Treatment - Do NOT run through it. Ice periodically throughout the day. Strengthen calves with heel drops on a step, drop heel below the step and rise back up.

3. Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS)

Irritation of the iliotibial band that lies along the outside of the thigh from the hip to the knee.
Treatment- Strengthening of the hip abductors with lateral side steps, side leg lifts and one legged squats. Utilizing a foam roller before and after a run is also recommended.

4. Pulled Hamstring

When the muscles that bend your knee and run down the back of your legs get tight and weak.
Treatment- One legged deadlifts. Also, using a foam roller on your hamstrings before and after a workout can help relieve this. In advanced cases, deep tissue massage and/or active release technique (ART) may necessary.

5. Shin Splints - Tibial Stress Syndrome

Officially known as Tibial Stress Syndrome, "shin splints" are small tears in the muscles surrounding your shin bone.
Treatment- Walk on your heels and icing. Taping the shin may also be necessary.

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