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Training for race terrain

Training for race terrainThere are many different kinds of races held all over the world. The terrain usually ranges from trails, pavement, grass, cement and so on. It is imperative that one research the type of terrain they will be racing on to ensure you train your body accordingly. One of the most dangerous surfaces to race on is concrete. It is a proven fact that running on cement has more impact on your joints than running on trails.

Therefore when you know your next event will take place on mostly cement, you will need to modify your workouts so that your body gets used to the pounding. You may want to increase gradually time on hard surfaces about 8-10 weeks out from the race. Include concrete during your longer runs, and increase that portion over the weeks.

Keep in mind that concrete does not have any give. Making sure you wear a more cushioned shoe to absorb those jolts would help. Did you know that optimum shoe cushioning appears to save energy by reducing the muscle effort expended on impact and take off? Also, while training you may need to test different shoes to see which ones will work the best.

In the end, no matter what terrain you plan to race on, it is important that you train on similar surfaces beforehand to reduce shock to your body come race day.

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