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Functional Capacity Evaluations

After a work injury, don't put your worker at risk of getting hurt again

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a scientifically-developed, objective process to measure a worker's physical capabilities and tolerances. The FCE is an important tool used to assist employers, physicians, insurance companies, attorneys, case managers and vocational consultants to determine safe, operative levels for an individual to either return to work or to establish functional ability.

Who can benefit from an FCE

An FCE provides a snapshot of what a person can do at the time. The following can benefit from an FCE:

  • Individual injured on the job
  • Someone applying for Social Security Disability
  • A worker seeking to return to work after extended leave
  • Someone seeking vocational rehabilitation
  • An employer wanting to prevent a reinjury

Your injured worker has been performing a job suited to the physical limitations while in chiropractic treatment and physical therapy. The worker has completed treatment and has been cleared to return to work without limitations. You need to administer an FCE with evaluation tools and methods that are peer-reviewed, validity based and legally defensible in the field of occupational rehabilitation. The testing is performed with standardized protocols that are specific to each case in question. Your FCE needs to be clear, concise, and timely to provide case closure for the referral sources and the worker.

How WorkerFIT can help

WorkerFIT’s innovative technology platform allows you to design the FCE with links to instructions, illustrated job functions and possibly attached documents. A job-specific FCE is administered through the secure, electronic reporting portal between the examiner and employer. Then a comparison between the FCE, functional job analyses, worker fitness exams, and job safety/accommodations will determine the level of participation and activity that is right for the worker following rehabilitation, thus providing the highest probability for a return to work without re-injury.

Specifically, WorkerFIT will help you with FCE’s by:

  • Providing analyzed job functions to validate physical, mental or environmental demands
  • Allowing you to search by factor demand to identify high and low risk functions and jobs
  • Providing reports to multiple parties through a secure web portal
  • Comparing job exposure ratings on a color-coded functional job profile

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